Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obamistake 2012

We've elected Mr. Obama again. The blogs will be flying this morning. America is big and powerful and will survive. The Obama Administration essentially "bought"the election. That's not sour grapes, it's what happened. 
  • The black and hispanic communities voted for Mr. Obama for several reasons. 
  • To support labor unions, 
  • To insist on universal healthcare (Obamacare), and most important; 
  • To continue and enlarge entitlements and welfare. 
Mr. Obama wisely concentrated his campaign on these constituents and it worked well for him.

In the other camp Mitt Romney made several questionable decisions during the campaign. Foremost was his rejection of the exceptional Conservative wing of his party. That alone probably cost him the election. The other serious element of Mr. Romney's campaign was his inability to shed his "flip-flopper" political image.  

I am not convinced that voting Americans realized that their vote reverses the philosophy and direction of our 200+ years of exceptional progress. We led the entire world in almost every category of civilization. By voting to continue the Obama assault on liberty and progress our nation has now begun to slide into failure


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