Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Odd Zipper Timing Gen. Petraeus?

At first look it appears that another respected American leader has trouble keeping his zipper up. Is there more to it than that? Maybe, but unlikely. Is the timing related in any way to the monumental failure in Benghazi? That seems too large a stretch, but possible. 

The Obama Administration has a proven record of sleazy political plotting. So many fence sitting issues   have been  decided in the dead of night by incompetent and dishonest people.  Perhaps there has never been a Presidential Team as devious when deciding right and wrong for us.

Most Americans agree that our representatives don't actually REPRESENT. 

The horrible Benghazi incident may or may not have been handled correctly. It is hard to tell but it now appears that it was not. It is beginning to look like President Obama  may have personally ordered the "lack of support". He may have known about it and kept it secret.

If true, and ANYONE sat on the information to protect Mr. Obama's re-election, there has been a terrible error.

If Mr. Obama knew about it before election night, he should be impeached.

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