Tuesday, November 6, 2012

When Does It Become A Federal Disaster

America is exceptional. The only democracy that tries to avoid socialism.  Americans, at least those not looking for a free lunch, want the smallest and most efficient  government able to provide the nation's protection and the traditional freedoms for it's citizens.

Natural disasters generally can't be foreseen and are impossible to avoid. 
  • When did the national government become responsible for them?  
  • When was it decided that our Federal Taxes must be used to insure the fewer number of citizens affected by the disaster? 
  • At what point does a natural disaster within a state become a Federal responsibility? 
Over the period of years since 1930 or so, private insurance companies have gradually lost influence. The Federal Government has put them out of business. Why?

Individuals used to be proud of their independence and self reliance. Today MOST Americans look to the Federal Government for welfare and entitlements. Private PROPERTY INSURANCE is becoming an entitlement, and American taxes are used to pay the costs of all significant disasters, natural or not

If 50 or 100 homes burn to the ground the state governor applies to the Federal Government to declare the event a disaster - and provide the insurance to cover individual losses. Why?

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