Sunday, March 24, 2013

Information On Your Desk

There is more information in your  computer than there is in the Harvard Library. Students today have obtained the greatest teaching tool in all of history, the computer. In the span between World War II and now there have been huge developments in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. A giant leap forward in easily accessible knowledge. All over the world peoples are benefiting. Does this not  beg the question: "Why then are there so many problems in the world"? Certainly the number of scientists and scholars has increased exponentially.  Yet, children die for the lack of fresh water, food and shelter. Men continue to shoot at other men. The homeless die in the night. In simple "numbers", more people die every day. Not less.  Surely you say, it's because more people arrive every day, and of course, you are correct. But does that not mean that our ability to improve the life experience is not keeping up? With all of the information available to an ever increasing number of scholars, shouldn't the overall academic goal be to improve and extend the lives of everyone? 

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