Monday, April 15, 2013

Dollar Diplomacy In Islamic Egypt.

Egypt has been in the news lately. Another government turn-over. The new people are even more anti-American. It's so bad one wonders if it is even possible.  Now that the uninspiring patrician John Kerry is in the middle of the Egyptian mess it can only get worse. The corrupt Muslim Brotherhood actually governs Egypt from a bunker somewhere in the desert. Radical Islam runs Egypt. Nobody else.  Our appeasing President is laughed at and ridiculed. The "Brotherhood" loudly proclaims that America is stupid - and they are right. We are a fountain of money for Egypt even when they are throwing stones at us.  We bail out their corrupt governments. They spit on us in return.  No matter how broke we are, no matter how many unemployed, homeless, and etc., we are able to pay billions Egypt's unfriendly anti-American government. Make sense to you?

And if you think your moderate, tolerant, Muslim neighbor is a peace loving friend, don't be so sure.  If you think members of CAIR are harmless, you will love the Muslim Brotherhood. A more accurate name for the "Brotherhood" would be the "Fanatic Muslim Mafia". 

Why don't Americans insist our government STOP direct payments or payments from the U.N. to every nation practices Sharia Law. No exceptions. No bleeding hearts for the millions that perish of starvation, or lack of fresh water, or no medical assistance. Gradually, of course. Sure it wouild be an unbelievably harsh lesson. It still makes more sense than what we are doing now.  

There is no other nation or group of nations to take America's place. The nations imposing Sharia Law  can not exist in the modern world. Our object should be to convince Muslims  to throw out the evil components of Islam.

Nations that live under the rule Muslim fundamentalist fanatics must cause a revolution and become even a little bit civilized. They must throw Sharia dictators out and  insist their new leaders, if they want to stay in power, will be removed from office if they bow to Sharia Law, corrupt or otherwise rob the citizenry.

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