Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Memorial Day

In my neighborhood many residents put out a flag today.  They flew on poles, trees, and anywhere else that was suitable. My friends remembered, at least on this day, that soldiers died to protect our way of life. The flag reminds us that wars are terrible, terrible scourge and most people now condemn war. It's no longer thought to be a reasonable way to resolve differences. History has detyermined that war a natural extension of diplomacy, but it's not "natural" at all. It's is the result of failed philosophies and religions.

"The American flag does not fly alone in the wind,  It flies 
with the memory of each soldier's last breath."

Let's not be so quick to "accept" that warfare is the ONLY way for a government to protect it's citizens and advance it's interests. 

Let's find a better way to resolve problems. Memorial day is set aside to remind us of the human cost of war. We should ever remember the allied dead and all of the innocent people who were victims of war. 


It flown to remind us that mankind is now become powerful enough to eliminate itself. 

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