Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Teleprompter Genius - American Moron

Whoa! I WITHDREW THIS GRAPHIC  because I found it was not even close to being accurate. Sorry if it miss-led you.......

The  Obama Administration, specifically Harry Reid, pulled another dirty "behind the back" political deal yesterday. For over a hundred years house votes required 60% approval. Not any more. . . Reid changed the rule. Now majority rules.

When Republicans wanted to appoint a new member of the Supreme Court, they also tried to change this rule. The Democrats fought it tooth and nail. They told everyone that if the rule was changed to 51% the entire government would self-distruct. 

Interesting. Now that we have Ultra-Liberal Democrats in control - they have changed their mind. Now it's okay? Yesterday sneaky Harry Reid greased the rule through when no body was looking. It's the only way Mr. Obama's Ultra-Liberal Judge appointments  can pass through the Congress.   The sad problems is that the new rule applies to Supreme Court appointments too. Remember, these Judges are appointed for life.

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