Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stupid, Smart, and I'm More Important

It is amazing that so many people make no effort to correct the ills of the planet. Everyone seems to agree that we've inherited a planet that has the resources to feed, cloth and shelter everyone. Of course there are a few that disagree but when pinned to the post their argument falls apart.  Human beings have the brains to figure out how to do most anything. Our nature leads us to avoid certain important puzzles and concentrate on the trivial. With our "Free Will" it seems mankind can't even agree on the structure and organization of a benevolent government. Are we actually allowing our pride, selfishness, and aggressive attitudes  to  cause us to self destruct? We are you know. Look around and consider our not so brilliant history. 

Millions have died for lack of fresh water, lack of food, lack of medication, and stupidity. Millions more have killed other millions for land, wealth, women, and for no other reason at all. As we speak there is a idiotic war going on between poverty and plenty.  They call it an outlaw war between religions. Nonsense. And there will be no winner, only losers. Does that strike you as smart? 

There are brilliant scientists around the world in all scholastic disciplines, physics, chemistry, medicine, biology, engineering, and on and on. Certainly they could be gathered to contribute towards feeding their poor neighbors. In fact, it is entirely possible, even probable, that they could relieve the hunger problem and save people. The more people saved will ultimately produce more answers. You might say that this would be a self sustaining program.  Or would you rather these scientists learn to build bigger bombs?


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