Sunday, December 21, 2014

News Mess

We do not receive anything close to accurate and non-biased news. Was it ever available? No, and it never will be. The root of distortion is almost always 'wealth'.  Wealth can describe acres of ground,  a number of camels, dollars in the bank, bars of gold bullion, and so on. A student looking in on the major problems of humanity, always ends up with 'wealth'. There is too little or too much, deserved or undeserved, earned and not earned.  So it is 'wealth' at the root of human problems.

The difference between rich and poor, sometimes referred to as the 'gap', is the most aggravating problem. There are, for example, millions who are born into extreme poverty and who never will be able to improve their circumstances. For no particular reason there are others born into wealthy circumstances who will never experience anything close to poverty.

Why does this happen? The religions present in the world try to find answers. There is no answer. Religion, theology, philosophy and serious thought - have no answer. They search, they construct, they dream, they hypothesize - but now has or will find the answer. Every day in the newspaper is a report of someone absolutely innocent of any wrong doing who is shot in the head and killed. The next page will typically show a picture of a mangled car and the notice that an entire family died because a tire blew out or the car hit a bridge abutment. Why did they die while vicious evil criminals continue their attack on innocent non-combatant people?

Stop there. Ask yourself why a educated and supposedly civilized group of people can (and do) ignore the plight of the less fortunate in their community. They have no conscience that troubles them?

In some cases it becomes a question. Why should I work so hard to feed, cloth and house my family and help another person who does not work, or earn, or make an effort toward self-motivation, learning, or improving circumstances? To bring an impoverished family up to the standards enjoyed by the family that has 'wealth' will necessarily reduce the donors standard of living and wealth.

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