Monday, December 22, 2014

Reagan's Mistakes or The Best of Two Bad Choices

Reagan planned to cut two energy departments. (Energy and Education).
  • Instead, he added one -and it became the Deprtment of Veteran's Affairs which is now the 2nd largest of them all.
Reagan's "To Be Elected Rules".
  • Publish a book with your name in it and on it. 
  • Proudly invoke the 40th President and the intention to return to his values, small government, low taxes, and self reliance. 
Liberal Democrats like to point out that when Reagan was President the country was: 
  • not ruled by his values, 
  • nor were thrift and hard work rewarded properly, 
  • nor did the government know it's place.
Conservative Republicans proudly say "Under  Reagan federal employment increased". 
  • Total federal employment rose from 4.9 million to 5.3 million. 
When Reagan TOOK office the federal budget was:  
  • $600 billion revenue, 
  • spending was 680 billion, 
  • and there was a deficit of $79 billion.  
When he LEFT office the federal budget was: 
  • $909 billion, the 
  • spending was $1.1 trillion, 
  • and the deficit had reached $155 billion.
When Reagan cut the  top income tax bracket from 70% to 28%, revenues went from $517 billion (1980) to over $1 trillion (1990). Very interesting.

And the nations  GDP actually grew by 33% during Reagan's term in office. 
  • Liberal Democrats like to point out that this growth was not unlike that we experienced during the two presidential terms that followed. (Bush and Clinton),  
  • and that most of the rise in GDP during the Reagan years was due to regular inflationary growth. 

Rand Paul   Republican Dove - is distancing from his fathers non-pragmatic Libertarian views.

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