Sunday, December 21, 2014

Rocio And The Lost e-mail

I just discovered that an e-mail I sent to you several days ago - probably didn't go out.  The reason is long and not too important anyway. Suffice to say that there have been at least a month of problems in our family. It doesn't bode well for our Christmas. Right now I'm getting over pneumonia and Linda is suffering through her last (hopefully) days of the shingles. Word to the wise: Don't ever get the shingles. I missed the last DCM. Hope you made it and promoted out new club. I've decided to drop out of Fountain Valley and re-join Santa Ana. I visited there and was happily welcomed back. I doubt I will be punished for straying. Meanwhile one of my best friends for the last  60 years died at Hoag. His death didn't help my disposition. This business of depression is a bummer. I've missed our
morning coffee - a lot! I know you're busy. In fact I am amazed at the vigorous Kiwanis activities you are able to fir into the schedule. My I-Mac went down in flames and I was forced to erase ALL previous stuff. What fun. I don't know what my e-mail address is but I think it's  How about coffee early some day this week? Dixon

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