Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Nixon Perhaps Not A Bad President

Idle thoughts.  

      After reading and reading again about the Watergate mess, I've revised my memory. Is that possible? I think now that Mr. Nixon was over-killed. In a way, he was the victim of his advisers - and the nation's judicial system. With time passing the scenario is changing from the one our media presented at the time. Nixon, a strong, driven, and opinionated man, was also intelligent, experienced, and in many respects, a capable politician. He recognized the danger of the rapid spreading of communism at the time. It was influenced after World War II by Stalin of Russia who represented a danger to the future of the United States. Nixon had diplomatic skills and the vision to judge future world developments. There is no question that He viewed Communism as a current and future threat in the dynamic of nations. The American political left (Liberal Progressives) hated him for his opposition. 
      If I understand correctly, Nixon was not accused of ordering the break in at the Democratic National Headquarters located in the Watergate complex. In fact, he got into  trouble by attempting to cover it up. The result was that the liberal biased American media gleefully crucified him and subsequently he was driven out of office. Part of his presidential plan was to prevent Communism from capturing the liberal left and taking over the Democratic Party. Documents recently uncovered in the National Archives describe secret meetings of liberals, secret memos and secret collusion showing flagrant violations of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Supposedly, this was in pursuit of justice for our lawless President. The not so simple fact is that eastern liberal elites got control of the special prosecutor's office and the power to prosecute and they criminalized the errors made by prosecution the President. 
      Most of the people involved in the prosecution seem have been shown to hate the Constitution because it is the law of the land - and they are the lawless ones. They believe they are not constrained by the Constitution and other laws they don't like. The Watergate scandal was nothing compared to what these people did behind the scenes. They violated the Constitution time after time, and felt that because of their towering intelligence, they knew more than the Founding Fathers. This is the attitude is destroying the government of America. 
      John Sirica is a disgrace to the federal judiciary. He was the presiding judge over the Watergate trial, and it is now known that he colluded with prosecutors behind closed doors, and they (the powerful liberal elite) all worked out how to bring President Nixon down. 

(Judges and lawyers are supposed to remain separate, but it is clear that Judge Sirica worked very closely with the prosecutors). 

      The Watergate prosecutors took pertinent government files with them. They were unavailable to the defense. They should have stayed at the National Archives. Why did those particular files temporarily disappear? Because they didn't want the public to know that they were unjustly destroying a President and attempting to tear down an entire government. 

Nixon was done in by officers of the court determined to take him down.

And they did.



Now this post has nothing to do with Nixon. Its' a forgotten episode and perhaps that's as it should be. 

I am increasingly concerned with how so many of the wealthy Brahmin's in America have managed to have their entire careers of uselessness take place in our government. We've got way too many weasels in high places. Extreme liberals who now want to be called progressives are killing America. People like Hillary Clinton (Sect'y of State #1) and (John Kerry, Sect'y of State #2) are in fact very smart socialist criminals.

This is from Tom McCauflins blog.

Yes, I know Kerry got three Purple Hearts and a silver star in Vietnam, but the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth were right when they claimed he lied to receive them

I (Tom McClaughlin) came to know Kerry shortly after that. I worked in his unsuccessful campaign for congress in 1972. He was a guest in my house and in my parents’ house, and I sensed in him what Putin sensed, and what Iranian negotiators sensed: A leader needs an inner core of toughness and Kerry hasn’t got it. It’s not there. 

Neither his Boston Brahman accent nor his $400 haircuts, nor his ill-gotten medals can disguise the emptiness of his expensive, tailored suit. 

I stopped showing up at his campaign headquarters back in September of ’72, and I was happy to watch him lose in November after spending more than any other congressional candidate in the country.

Hmmm? Interesting.

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