Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Global Warming Dollars

There are many brilliant minds in this country who believe the current 'Global Warming' scare - and that it is caused by mankind. This is disputed by many meteorologists and scientists who believe the earth is going through one of it's "normal cycles of heat and cold". They claim there has been no serious and suitable study to indicate that mankind has created pollutants that might alter the temperature. But it has not been proven.  Is Global Warming" just so much "poppycock?

No , it's probably not. But it actually has not been verified that mankind is responsible for the coming deadly heat. Yes, it is apparently coming.  What is really going on? Research leads to a convoluted trail to Capitalism.  There are indeed a large number of people in the world who believe Capitalism is evil,  or at least a major problem to civilization. They seem to detest the very idea of "competition".  Mention of a few nations that officially don't care much for Capitalism would include: China (Communist), Norway (Socialist Kingdom) , Sweden (Socialist Kingdom), Germany (Democratic Socialism), Spain (Socialist), Libya (Socialist Dictatorship), Egypt (Socialist), most South American dictatorships, and so forth. There are more.
  • And we must not forget Pope Francis. He is a considerable force within the Catholic Church, and his influence far reaching. 
  • Think carefully about his statements made at or before the Paris Climate Change Conference: 
  • The world is headed for suicide if a climate agreement isn't reached. 
  • In Africa, climate change is the cause of the exploitation of resources, the major source of pollution, and has caused African nations to be mired in poverty and social injustice. 
  • Pope Francis asserts that Capitalism has increased inequality around the world. 
  • He asserts that  Capitalism has caused the destruction of the environment for "profit at any price". 
  • Pope Francis has also said that "Capitalism is the dung of the devil".
  • Influential educators like President Obama's "special adviser" Van Jones continue to add fuel to the fire: 
  • Jones is a self admitted Communist. A founding father of STORM (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement), a radical Marxist organization.
  • He actively promotes social justice to be accomplished by the use of government power. 
  • He also promotes the use of government power to forcefully redistribute wealth and to give special privileges to minority groups. 
  • He proclaims that "white people get all the benefits of green energy". 
  • Jones believes America needs to revamp the whole economy to create justice for all".
The conference in 2015 was not about reducing carbon emissions and saving the planet. 
  • It's participants agreed to hold the global average temperature to below 2 degrees Celsius above prei-ndustrial levels and to adopt efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 degrees above prei-ndustrial levels.
  • The Rich nations also agreed to provide at least 100 Billion Dollars a year to tackle the problem. 

But is there really a problem?

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