Tuesday, May 10, 2016

We, The Dummies

The Republican Party is almost out of business and they deserve to be gone.  Something happened to the Grand Old Party that turned them into dust. They slowly became corrupt (like the Democrats) decided; "you can forever spend more than you have". They swallowed idiot pills and our entire Federal Government went wacky.  Now days the tendency is to blame President Obama for all of the ills we are facing. That's not fair or even close. He may contributed a little to the problems, but there have been many others before Mr. Obama. Where to start?

Not Long After 1776: Who first decided that we could borrow from future tax collections to finance the problems of the day.  No one seems tot know, but if the Revolutionary War was financed with money from the public treasury, that may have been the beginning. Regardless, certainly by WWI the practice was normal and approved. It had become the normal way to finance spending money we didn't have but expected sometime in the future. By WWII our industrial revolution was well under way and the demand for public (taxed) money increased astronomically. 

The Two World Wars : Thousands became millions, millions became billions, and now 250 years later, deficit borrowing has become the tool of politicians to fund anything at all. This would be fine if someone stood up and said "whoa". But they don't!  Americans should insist on spending no more until most of the debt is paid off. It seem obvious that we need a solid plan to retire the balance. Our nation now has about  $20,000,000,000,000 in debt. This is well more than we, plus our children, plus our grandchildren, plus their children - can pay without disrupting the lives completely and  this debt is destroying America as we know it. 

No Silver-No Gold-No Standard.  Historic attempts to address the problem usually involve devaluing our currency. This is not the way to go, however during  President Nixon's administration it was decided to do so. They simply separated our money from the silver standard. That action freed the federal government from the silver anchor of our worthless script,  we then said that even with no backing or support, our dollars were worth a dollar of goods in trade. Actually, we lied. The separation from a world valued standard (silver) did indeed devalue our money.

A Nation In Trouble. Today America has reached a fork in the road and must decide how and when to reduce the federal debt. In political terms we are (supposedly) represented by two political organizations; The Republican Party and The Democratic Party. There are many splinter groups as well. The Republican Party seems to have spawned the Conservative Party,  and the Democrats have spawned the Ultra Liberal Left. Now we have essentially four factions that apparently are not effectively representing our citizens. 

The Worst Candidates Lead In The Polls. A 
Presidential election coming up and it's been a long time since we've had such a poor selection of Democratic candidates. 

      1. Hillary Clinton who is a proven liar, and cheat, and considered an unethical person, is the 
         leading Democratic candidate and her opponent, Bernie Sanders, who is 76 years old and has
         admits the is a far left Socialist. Both of these candidates favor large governments, political
         controls, and greatly enhanced welfare systems.
      2.  The Republicans still have four candidates.  
  • Donald Trump who almost everyone agrees is not qualified to be President is currently ahead in the primary vote count.
  • Senator Ted Cruz who seems well qualified but follows a strict conservative agenda rather than the Republican "establishment agenda.
In my opinion none of these candidates should be selected. 



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