Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Grand Old Party Isn't Anymore

The GOP has an impressive history. It's ancestry more or less started with Abe Lincoln and ended most recently with G.W. Bush. Along the way there were some stalwart fellows and some duds, but overall the Grand Old Party evolved to stand for small government, less federal footprint on citizens, to favor states rights where ever possible, and the common sense attributes: "beware of spending money you don't have as it inevitably leads to failure." The GOP also  has a history of favoring a strong military to help defer policies unfavorable to America, and for protection of the Nation if threatened".

At the moment however (2016) the GOP seems to stand in unity for very little indeed. 

Several Republican candidates are contesting to be President, and with the exception of Gov. John Kalish, and before he dropped out Dr. Ben Carson, the others have degraded campaigning to the most disgraceful level since the days of duels. Meanwhile, the agenda, policies, plans or programs of the GOP remain somewhat hidden in the mist.

The greatest amount of GOP campaigning time has been spent by the leading three candidates to criticize illegal immigration and how big the wall should be. The distant fourth candidate, John Kalish, has steadfastly refused to denounce immigrants at all, and doesn't want to talk about walls, period. These positions typically confuses the electorate. 

  • Apparently MR. TRUMP favors: 
    a. a temporary halt to all Muslims until 
    such time as we can improve our screening
    to identify potential Islamic terrorists.   
    b.Trump also wants to complete the wall 
    between Mexico and the United States, and
    c.assign National Guard units to 
      complement Current Border Patrol
  • SEN. TED CRUZ  agrees to tighten our immigration laws to prevent illegal immigration and seems to follow the Conservative line. 
  • SEN. MARCO RUBIO appears to favor none of the above, and does not appear to be s strong candidate.
  • DR. BEN CARSON also does not impress. Intelligent yes, but unable to verbally express himself.
  • GOV. JOHN KALISH  prefers a route to legalization and otherwise doesn't want to join the others in the immigration gutter.He has not been able to out shout Mr. Trump and Mr. Cruz who insist on a loud and abrasive verbal battle of personalities.  
   Mr. Kalish clearly is the most qualified      
   candidate. He is a moderate (conservative
   in some things and liberal in others. He 
   is the closest to the GOP establishment 
   and better able to bring together 
   the different factions. 


What, pray tell, is to be done? 

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