Tuesday, August 23, 2016

America Sliding To Failure

Be forewarned. My modest knowledge of history is on the surface only.  I've no real depth of scholarship. What follows is a simple set of recollections.

I was very young when F.D.R. was President and the European war was gearing up. The industrial revolution was in full swing, and the war in Europe was threatening.  Sometime, perhaps it was about then, the American work force started to move faster to the cities to take factory jobs.  Rural America was fading while industrial America was waking up.

In the early 19th century Europe, particularly England, was enduring hard times. The King's laws and onerous taxation was bitterly opposed. Work was hard to find. Money and food was scarce. Moving to another land offered a chance to escape and America seemed to offer the most opportunity. At the same time there was a strong movement of people in search of religious freedom. The Catholic and Protestant split probably started the movement, but it became a general challenge of religious and theological ideas. Serious differences developed between factions. New Protestant denominations were born. The pressure to achieve the freedom to worship was fierce. All of these things contributed to the increasingly relentless immigration to the new world. 

The King of England faced a double edged sword. On the one hand he wanted and encouraged the people to leave England thereby reducing the huge demand for public welfare. On the other hand he wanted to retain the ability to tax any future success the immigrants might have. He ultimately failed, the American Revolution of 1776 and the subsequent Declaration of Independence sealed the deal.

The immigrants set out to establish a new kind of government in America. It was  to be crafted in a way that every citizen could participate by voting for a  government divided into three separate and equal divisions. The concept required any two of the divisions to watch over the third. The founding fathers described this in detail in the Constitution,  Bill of Rights, and other founding documents. Most importantly, there was to be freedom and opportunity for every new citizen. The new federal government was to grant:   
  • Every citizen the right to own property, 
  • The freedom to observe his or her chosen religion, 
  • A free market monetary system.
  • Protection of freedoms, rights, and property by the federal government. 
It was also decreed that Church and State were to be firmly separated to protect religious freedom for all, and the government from religious interference.

The Far Left Progressives are making a general assault on liberty in the name of an alliance between secularism and statism. It's well beyond the more ridiculous  political correctness that began the assault. It is now a concerted effort to remove our existing federal government, increase the size and control of the successor government, install social democracy and eventually have a federal state structure much like communism. 

Yes, it is happening now.
No, I am not a radical conservative

The far left dominates our media, entertainment industry, universities, metropolitan areas, and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. It's a fact. The Democrats pride themselves on a devotion to equality which  they consider the foremost demand of social justice. This supposition is not correct. The question is not whether equality is good, but which forms of equality are morally relevant and which should the government protect.

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