Saturday, October 22, 2016

And One Last Thing

A list of Twitters never sent. Short comments on whatever floats by, and as worthless as most of todays news. Todays news? Blood and guts, political, historical and economic facts all rendered progressive or conservative by unbiased reporters. Unbiased? Sure it is. But It's not only the media that has become unhinged, the elites of society have decided historical thoughts and ageless traditions are holding us back - and must be changed immediately. So say the empty headed scholars.  

The universe arrived and nobody knows why or when. Can we agree on that? Our logic says it must have started. The curious person asks why? At some point man decided God did it - and you may use what ever name you chose for a supernatural supreme deity. From that conjecture we all evolved, and if we follow that concept everything that has transpired since is the result of man's ability to think, reason, pollute and destroy. 

To turn this negative around we must create the scientific ability to reach and populate other celestial bodies, and to improve civilization both here and there. We also must help impoverished human beings.  Scientific progress is probably one of our best tools.  Our media outlets tell us that the most abject poverty lies in places like Africa, Bangladesh, Somalia and Haiti. Unfortunately it's not true. The problem is universal and exists all over the earth - as well as our drive toward destruction.

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