Saturday, October 1, 2016

Frustration With Authority

A revolution is coming. The world's disadvantaged populations, are turning their anger towards lawful authority. All of us must pay attention. The causes are certainly more than discrimination, racial differences, and poverty. It  just isn't that simple. The most obvious basic cause is the gap (economic difference) between rich and poor. There is also a religious component of great importance - but is just that. A relatively small but important component.

Christianity is increasingly a "tough sell" and  it's population of believers is shrinking.  Islam is a bit younger and is the victim of an internal schism between Sunni and Shite, and between peaceful expansion and militant aggression. Together, Christians and Muslims are discontented around the world. That's a bit harsh, but each has failed to relieve impoverishment and to bring peace and harmony to their adherents. 

It is becoming apparent that the philosophic concept of spirituality is steadily giving way to science, technology. realism and logic.

In America there is a growing distrust of government and disrespect for law. The disintegration of the historic "family unit" is resulting in relentless changes:  
  • There is decreasing pride in ancestry. 
  • Most parents are unwed.
  • Many families include children of differing parentage.  
  • The number of children living with one parent is increasing fast.
  • Young and old adults are spending more time away from home to work. 
  • Many children do not receive adequate guidance or advice from adults. 
  • Educational systems don't overcome the lack of parental guidance. 
  • Our welfare programs are helpful - but always wasteful and expensive.
  • Too many of our welfare programs encourage a recipient not to work.
As the influence of church, family, police, laws, and general distrust of authority continues to spread, if not turned around, civilization will suffer more and more.

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