Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Wall

History is filled with walls made to keep people in or out. Some have worked and others have not. The Israeli Wall helped the Israelis defend themselves, the Berlin Wall provided limited western access to East Germany long enough for them to establish the Russian government there, and so forth. Now America  wants to construct a wall between Mexico and the United States. The concept is that a physical wall will stop (or at least slow) illegal immigration from Mexico, Central America, South America and elsewhere. President Trump and his advisors believe it will succeed, and I agree. 

Much of the wall has already been constructed and so far has shown only limited success. America must now complete the border and control legal access to America. 

We all need to realize that illegal immigration will continue. We have about 8,000 miles of unprotected borders. The point is that illegal immigration and the overland route for the present flow of illegal drugs will be as much as 90% closed. 
America should welcome a constant flow of legal immigrants, should not welcome illegal immigrants, and should restrict the incoming number of immigrants to allow no more that can be made useful and contributing citizens.  
  • Too many immigrants do not want have to become citizens. 
  • Too many immigrants do not wish to learn our national language. 
  • Too many immigrants have no wish to comply with our laws.
  • Too many immigrants are unschooled and unskilled. 
America must design vetting and testing prerequisites for legal entry.

Can we not change or discontinue the present anchor baby rules.

At the same time can we not find a reasonable program that will allow established illegal residents to become citizens and stay?
  • Immigrants who want to temporarily visit or work and then go home. 
  • Immigrants who want to become citizens and stay in America. 
  • A program that allows established illegal residents time to learn how to become a legal citizen. 

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