Friday, December 11, 2009

The Imperial "I"

Obama goes to Norway and gives one of his best speeches yet. It really was. I wonder who wrote it?  His PR people are going to have to slow down the teleprompters. The poor guy damn near broke his neck looking from one to the other.  

Obama only used the word "I" 36 times - a new record  low.  Listening to him requires the rest of us genuflect carefully and applaud on cue. But we're not so dumb. If we bow low enough everything he lies about goes right overhead.

Am I the only one getting tired of: Superbama?  Pinochiobama?  Moronobama?

To be honest, for eight years I thought Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld could fib with the best of them. That was long before the King of Glib arrived on the scene. Now we have a real grand master in the house. Just listen:

              I . . . saved America's economy. 
              I . . . am going to end the Iraq war. 
              I . . . am going to talk the Iranians into peace. 
              I . . . am going to ram Gov't. Healthcare through
                                          Congress before anyone reads it. 
               I . . .  am going to save a million jobs in my country.
               I . . . am going to lead the war on Global Warming.
               I . . .  am going to spend twenty times more 
                                           money than any other President.
               I . . . am the only President in office who owns
                                           a part of General Motors.
               I . . . intend to bankrupt all private medical
                                            insurance companies.
               I . . . was given the Nobel Peace prize after 14 days
                                             in office and for doing nothing.

Obama appears to think he has been anointed to dump America and start over. Most Americans by far think it would be better if he got dumped and America was saved by a proud and more reasonable leader. One who listened to all sides. One who didn't appoint all "yes men". One who was not so anxious to discard good traditions. 


Rain said...

You are expressing how the right sees it but most saw it that way before he was elected. The question is only how the middle sees it. And whether Obama is reelected will depend somewhat on who the Republican put up. Try another McCain/Palin ticket or maybe Cheney with someone equally easy to manipulate, and I think you will see 8 years of Obama.

All presidents have to use the I and have to press their policies. Bush did it and so did Reagan or Clinton. It is just how it must be if a leader hopes to do anything. We don't elect someone to beg. He's done too much trying to get along with the right as it is.

The Grey Geezer . . . . . . . said...

Rain . . . You are right again about the personal pronoun - but somehow it's more grating when Obama over-uses it.

I can't imagine that the Republicans are quite so stupid. Surely they won't put up McCain(too old) Cheney(too frail) or Palin(too lightweight).

At the same time we would all be just as dumb if we let the Obama crowd continue their ridiculous push to the far-far-far left.

Michael Steele doesn't inspire as a party leader either. If the Republicans are going to get anywhere they will have to discover several middle-right politicians without serious skeletons in the closet . . . and soon.

I don't see them. Do you?

Rain said...

Well it irked me just as much when Bush said he was the decider and didn't care what Americans thought about anything. I do understand how it feels when the leader is not one you chose but they do things anyway. Bush was far more successful in pushing through his "I" generated ideas than so far Obama has been.

I don't know about the Republicans and who would be better. Neither party really generates great statesmen right now. By the time they get to the top, the lobbyists own them all. Is there something in the water here? I can't even think of people from outside politics, like business leaders or even celebrities who I think would be better. It's very disillusioning. Of course with the religious right dominating the choices for Republicans, you cannot see a man, who might be a good leader, getting that far if he has sexual secrets back there. And can they get up there if they haven't already sold out to big interests? So far it doesn't look like it for either party!

Ingineer66 said...

Jeb Bush 2012. He is smarter and a better speaker than his brother.

Rain said...

I trust no Bushes and worse with Jeb is he is a right wing, fundamentalist Christian. Remember him trying to keep Terri Shiavo alive when she was a vegetable-- taking the rights from her husband and turning them over to the state if he had had his way. He also tried to keep Elian Gonzales from being returned to his father again religious and right wing catering. Any other situation and they'd say the father should have had rights but in this one it was all about the political symbolism.

Ingineer66 said...

I do disagree with his stance on the Shiavo case. The state should have never got involved in that case. Did you hear about Palin on Conan Friday night. Pretty funny stuff. She is going to be a force to be reckoned with regardless of what she does in the future.

Rain said...

No, I didn't but I always figured she would be a force to be reckoned with. She's beautiful and she knows how to work a crowd. She excites people and without a doubt she's a top entertainer and knows how to work her persona. With smart people behind her, she definitely has a good chance to at least take the Republican nomination. Too many Americans don't vote based on issues but emotions and that is why Palin could not only be nominated but maybe even win. It amazes me how it works but it's what happens and especially in a media driven era like ours.

Greybeard said...

"Too many Americans don't vote based on issues but emotions..."
Tell it Rain!
(Obama '08!)