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The GOP Just Doesn't Get It

The REPUBLICAN PARTY is doing it's very best to self-distruct. This fellow Michael Steele needs to get his head screwed on straight and start pulling an agenda and a team together. We have before us sky rocketing spending, an unsettled  war in Iraq, more troops headed for Afghanistan-Pakistan, and the idiot Democrats trying to ram a stupid, expensive, poorly thought out, partisan health care legislation through the Congress.


A ridiculously unimportant kind of almost racial comment made by Harry Reid way back when. He probably shouldn't have made it, but nobody cares anyway. Not even Mr. Obama.  It's old and unimportant news. Let's drop it and move on.

Granted, I do not like this fellow HARRY REID and admire his politics even less. But partisan bickering over his poor but irrelevant choice of words is truly dumber than dumb. We don't need our GOP leaders distracted by this kind of nonsense.

  • When, if ever,  are the leaders of the GOP going to figure it out?

  • When are we going to see a few prospective standard bearers put their toe in the water?

  • When are we going to have a ten or twelve point list of center-right GOP principles we can subscribe to?

  • When are we going to muster a coalition of center-right Republicans to support?



Kay Dennison said…
Since I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat but a true independent. I just would like to see candidates from ANY party who eschew party politics and do wants to do what is right: get our sons and daughters out of pointless wars; come up with a workable medical care program; and quit spending our money to bail out millionaires. Makes sense to me.
Member said…
Kay . . . Thank you. I appreciate your comments. I agree that partisan politics is for the birds. For some time I have voted for the man and not the party. I usually lose but at least I think (?) I'm voting for honest representatives. As for war, I am badly conflicted. On the one hand I do think a nation should have principles and values worth protecting. That sometimes means a defensive war might be necessary. On the other hand, are we (civilization) not well beyond needing a war to settle anything? If we are so damn smart why can't we find a better way to solve differences? I have a feeling that our intellectual think tanks are not focusing on this. Surely someone should be.

Greybeard said…
Yeah, I'll agree that both parties are responsible, but it sure seems to me that "Think Tanks" have gotten us into the mess we're in...
ACORN running our census.
Liars and cheats in charge of our Depts. of Health and Treasury, Congress, and now nominated to head the TSA.
Our President catering to Labor Unions, shortchanging the rest of the Nation while purchasing their votes.
Instead of transparency, we have opaqueness.
Instead of unity, we have the most racially divided nation I've experienced in my adult life.

We cannot even discern "pointless wars" from a war against evil that seeks to enslave more than half our population.
Can you tell me how our we, as a Nation, survive what seems to be the systematic destruction of our legal, social, and economic foundations? A Nation that sees true evil, yet takes a "See no evil, hear no evil" attitude?

I've tried to have a dialogue...
it's not possible. You can make an OBVIOUS point, and when they realize they cannot sensibly argue, the opposition ignores it.
Ears that hear. Eyes that see. Heart that feels?
I'm done.
Henceforth I'll worry about friends and loved ones. When "the troubles" start, unless you are in that number, don't come knockin' on my door.
Member said…
Greybeard . . I'm not as depressed. There is still a flicker of anger in the old boy. I do think the pendulum will swing back our way. Surely all Americans are not brain dead. When I spoke of think tanks, certainly ACORN wasn't one of them. There must be a group of conservative / libertarian smart people out there someplace. Cato? Heritage Foundation? Hillsdale College? A group of people brighter than I should ponder and solve this stupid need for WAR and misery every generation or so.


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