Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And Our Kool Aid Leadership Fails


Like most of you I am up to my eyeballs in nasty political rhetoric. The extremes of partisan politics are tearing us apart - and doing great harm to America in the process.  Most of the vehement anger is between:


The extremes of neither party offer a workable system of government.

The differences between these two groups have divided our government  into hostile partisan  camps at a time that our WORLD is rapidly becoming more dangerous. America should be presenting a strong and UNITED front. Not everyone in other countries realizes that most Americans gravitate toward the middle in respect to their politics. Most Americans follow neither extreme. They are proud that they can have civil discussions and debates about their political opinions.

The people of other countries, blinded by the spectacular rhetoric of the extremes in American politics, do not envision America as a nation with common principles. They do not realize that most Americans are not as politically disunited as it would seem.


When a President leaves office and a new President steps in, the transition has always been peaceful  despite the carry over of unfinished legislation and unwanted decisions. Once the new administration is settled in, it is normal that the voters rarely hear anything good about the previous administration. The new guys endeavor to blame the old ones for every problem. Sometimes, perish the thought, they even embellish the failures of the previous administration. The current Obama people, for example, have carried this ["BLAME THE PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION"] excuse to a new low.  

Mr. Obama told voters "It's a choice between the policies that led us into this mess and the policies that are leading us out of this mess."  Okay. What exactly were the policies that created this mess?  He complained that most of the mess resulted from tax cuts. When he  took office he had the power to cancel them, but he didn't. Why?

Mr. Obama told the voters "The tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 CAUSED the housing crash in 2007 and 2008."   Okay. There is no evidence that this is true. None. The statement was just another attempt to blame the previous administration for the collapse. 


Mr. Obama told the voters "The Bush tax cuts fueled the out of control deficit?"  Okay. Mr. Obama did not explain that while it is true that in 2007 the deficit was about $165 Billion Dollars when Mr. Bush took office and over ONE TRILLION dollars when he left office, it is a fact that the Obama administration immediately INCREASED the deficit to over $13 TRILLION dollars by massive spending on entitlement programs. The Obama administration told Americans that: "Deficits were better than surpluses in a down economy."  America is now on the edge of bankruptcy and Mr. Bush had little or nothing to do with it. Mr. Obama and his administration did. 

As for the housing bust, in 1999 and important bi-partisan financial deregulation was signed into law by President Clinton. It was the result of the rising housing bubble and bust. Mr. Obama has attempted, over and over again,  to blame this legislation on Mr. Bush. He continues to do so despite knowing that Mr. Bush was not even in office at the time.  
Interestingly, Mr. Obama knows that the real reason for the housing bust was that
"Federal Reserve Board Chairman, Ben Bernanke, FAILED to increase interest rates fast enough."  Why then did Mr. Obama retain and promote Ben Bernanke to be the Federal Reserve Board Chairman?"  Curious, isn't it.

Another curiosity. The housing bust was followed by the banking industry bust, and it was NOT anticipated by Mr. Timothy Geithner, who was then the head of the New York Federal Bank (which oversees the Wall Street Stock Market). Mr. Geithner had failed to foresee, stabilize, protect and prevent bank failures and a stock market collapse. That was his job. Knowing this, why did Mr. Obama retain and promote Tim Geithner to be the National Treasury Secretary?"
Rhetorical: Doesn't this sound like the inmates are running the asylum?


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Greybeard said...

Trivialities Bump, but I think the spelling is "Bernanke" and "Geithner".

I think at some point we'll take a look back at this administration and see the MOST CORRUPT actions of any administration of our lifetime.
Watch and see.